The Shipbuilding Industry
Shipbuilding Industry is to provide water transportation, ocean development and national defense construction and other industries of the modern technology and equipment industries,  also labor, capital, technology-intensive industries, mechanical and electrical, steel, chemicals, shipping, exploration and exploitation of marine resources and other downstream industry has a strong leading role in promoting the employment of labor, the development of export trade and security of coastal defense and security is of great significance. Pneumatic diaphragm pumps now usefulness of many, the industry can not do without diaphragm. Pneumatic diaphragm pumps used in the shipbuilding industry system: central cooling loop pressurized, pressurized lubricating oil circulation system, circulation system booster piston, gear oil circulation booster, heavy fuel oil preheating system loop pressurized, pre diesel thermal cycling pressurization system, water heating means for circulating pressurized.

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