Shanghai Jianglang Win the 3rd Prize in the National Mobile Internet Innovation Contest

Congratulates Shanghai Jianglang Fluid Manufacturing Co.,Ltd on the winning the prize in the National Mobile Internet Innovation Contest. Thanks for the ” Ruigu Technology &Innovation Consulting Service Platform” recommended.

In October 2016,the national contest successfully held by the National Ministry of Industry

and Information Technology、China Association of Science and Technology、China Communication Society、Beijing Fangshan District Government、National Mobile Internet Industry incubation Center  in Beijing.

Yi Xueqing (the secretary general of Chinese Institute of communications Secretary)  、Wen Ku (the secretary of Industry and Information Communication Development)、Wang Xiaobin (the director of China Institute of information and communication, and director of Planning Institute) took part in and address.

Shanghai Jianglang Fluid Manufacturing Co.,ltd win the third prize for excellent results. The entries were Mobile Phone Remote Control Diaphragm Pump.

Remote Control Pneumatic Diaphragm pump can be used to is not convenient for manual operation or dangerous situation, The use of upper and lower cover stainless steel diaphragm pump, used the middle in and out of the way both ends with a smooth transition smooth side diaphragm pump the equipment area (100m), to the operation of the equipment to star or shut down. The products are widely used in chemical industry, water treatment, metallurgy, pain, food, environmental protection, petroleum, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, ceramics and other industries