• 2020
  • Shanghai Jianglang Technology Co., Ltd. has been rated as a contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise in Shanghai by Shanghai contract Credit Promotion Association for many years, and its contract credit rating is AAA

  • 2019
  • Shanghai Jianglang Fluid Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was successfully listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange Center and carried out shareholding system reform, and was renamed Shanghai Jianglang Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 2018
  • Shanghai Jianglang Fluid Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. product exhibition hall, canteen, dust-free workshop, two overpasses were bulided, the year's performance increased by 40%, and obtained many SIL safety certification and Sanitary certification.

  • 2017

    The two invention patents drafted the pneumatic membrane pump to be approved by the national standards committee.
    Standard no.: SH-T3191-2017 won the special equipment issued by the general administration of quality inspection of China to produce A certificate of grade A.
  • 2016

    Shanghai Jianglang Fluid Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. held the tenth anniversary celebration. Mar 19th, 2016. “We are thankful to have you in my life, 10th anniversary celebration of RIVER-WAVE.” come to an end successfully.
  • 2015

    Shanghai jianglang Fluid Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd attended The Second Work-study awards of Shanyang Middle school.
  • 2014

    On May 28, 2014, Shanghai Jianglang was listed in Shanghai Hosted Equity Trading Center, which marks Shanghai Jianglang open a new chapter in it captial market.
  • 2013

    On March 11, 2013, Shanghai Jianglang expand territory, Shanghai Jinshan factory established. On Dec. 28 , 2013, RV discharge valve obtain its own patent certificate.
  • 2012

    On July 25, RV pneumatic diaphragm pumps obtain its own patent: On May 1, Shanghhai Jianglang orgainze company’s travelling.
  • 2011

    Shanghai Jianglang has been rated as the Shanghai high-tech enterprises, Valuing contract and Honoring Credit Enterprise. On May 18, 2011, Shanghai Jianglang acquisition Shanghai-Shun Fei Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.,and moved to No.2258 Nanfeng Road, Qingcun Town, Fengxian District of shanghai. Shanghai Jianglang care for public welfare, annual contribution of various social undertakings, exclusive donations Shanyang Middle Primary Education Fund, which provides an opportunity for more children to go to school.
  • 2010

    Shanghai Jianglang expand its territory, establishing offices in Jiangsu province and Chengdu province.
  • 2009

    Shanghai Jianglang set up outstanding staff reward system for staffs, to motivate and inspirit its staffs.
  • 2008

    Shanghai Jianglang set up Imp.& Exp.office, located in Shanghai Electric City A2-25-26, No. 1370, Zhennan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
  • 2007

    A subsidiary of Shanghai Jianglang. - Shanghai Rudi Fluid Convey Equipment Limited Company was established, mainly produced diaphragm pump series.
  • 2006

    Shanghai Jianglang established in 2006, is located in NO.1428 Jinqian Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai. Jianglang mainly produces various valves based fluid convey device. Among the many hard valve technician technology research and development, the same year launched regulating valve, and set up Beijing office. New office is located in Beijing Daxing Jiugong South Building 14, Unit 2, 101.