What are the advantages of Diaphragm Pump ?
1.Convenient Maintenance
The internal volume is reduced to decrease waste and make cleaning convenient .
The Stainless Steel bolt can resist corrosion and provided reasonable positioning for the convenience of reassembly.

2.Unique Patented Air Valve
Three-way control valve makes sure the non –blocking operation .
All Parts can be easily subject to external maintenance
No need of lubrication in the air pipeline.

3.Parts That are precisely fit
The wear resistant end bearing can ensure correct positioning of stem and its replacement is simple

4.Discharge Outlet provided with protection
All discharge outlets adopt a common port to prevent vaporized liquid in the room from eroding seals of the air motor
ldling function that makes the operation of loading and unloading of the storage tank convenient

5.Solid External Structure
The corrosion resistant structure can prevent leakage and ensure replacement of clean fluid.
The aluminum central part is provided with epoxy coatings.
The corrosion resistant central parts is model of 316 stainless steel.

6.Compatibility of fluid
The shell materials that can be supplied include aluminum ,stainless steel ,ductile iron ,polypropylene, conductive acetal or Kynar fluoroplymer

7.Reasonable Seal Design
The diaphragm is tightly locked at the position .
The forming plate that plays the function of active liquid seal one through hole

8.Heavy-duty Diaphragm Plate
The Diaphragm plate with reliable holding can eliminate leakage and dropping and prevent the occurrence of expensive shut-down time

9.Stem Design With Long Service Life
The 300 series stainless steel stem has longer service life and still has good corrosion resistance in damp air.

10.Easy Positioning
Bolt Connected self positioning air and fluid unit

11.Selection of Elastic Materials
Various seat and ball options can ensure compatibility and reliable sealing ,and therefore ,it ids provided with highly efficient and long –term service as well as better suction lift height .

How long the production time ?
Different materials and different product production time depends on your size, according  to the actual situation